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  • Published : December 17, 2012
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Shoulder injuries in sports and how to heal and prevent them Every sport has risks and different kinds of injuries. The most common body part to injure is the shoulder. But there is many types of shoulder injuries. Many caused from playing sports, many are very prevented simply by stretching before an event and strengthening exercises. When the injury has already been done there are both surgical and physical therapeutic ways to treat these injuries. The most common two shoulder injuries include rotator cuff tear, and shoulder separation.

A rotator cuff connects the humerus to the scapula, the tendons attach the muscle to the bones, and the muscle move the bones by pulling on the tendons. It helps raise and rotate the arm. Constant strain on the rotator cuff tendons, cause them to wear thin and develop tears over time. The causes of this are over use and repetitive motion or strong force from falling on an out stretched hand and forced impact. To prevent this rotator cuff from tearing there are four things you can do to prevent a tear. First do regular shoulder exercises, second take frequent breaks from repetitive are and shoulder motions, third rest your arm and shoulder regularly during

sports activities, and fourth apply cold packs and heat packs when you exercise any shoulder pain or inflammation. Rotator cuff tears cause pain and weakness in the affected shoulder. In some cases, a rotator cuff may tear only partially. The shoulder may be painful, but you can still move the arm in a normal range of motion. In general, the larger the tear, the more weakness it causes. In other cases, the rotator cuff tendons completely rupture. A complete tear makes it impossible to move the arm in a normal range of motion. It is usually impossible to raise the arm away from your side by yourself. To treat a rotator cuff tear your doctor's first goal will be to help control your pain and inflammation. Initial treatment is usually rest and...
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