Pt Chevron Pacific Indonesia and Hsbc

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Executive Summary

This case study report describes a research on two large organizations namely PT Chevron Pacific Indonesia and HSBC in relation to their approaches to managing workforce diversity. The goal of this report was to identify workforce diversity theory and its advantages and disadvantages of managing workforce diversity. It also aims to analyse two organizations approaches to managing workforce diversity and evaluate advantages and disadvantages of the organizations’ approaches based on workforce diversity theory. The report concludes that workforce diversity is one of the primary concerns for most of the businesses; therefore, managing diversity is an important element of management in today’s organisation. Workforce diversity could lead the company into chaos. However, if the company is able to manage it with good approaches, it could be a competitive advantage for the company. There are some approaches that the company use to manage the diversity in their workplace. As it is stated on the research part, Chevron and HSBC manage their workforce diversity with different approaches. Yet, there are also advantages and disadvantages in each approach. The advantages are such as an increase in their productivity, maximizing their workers potential, and employee affinity groups have grown rapidly. On the other hands, the disadvantages are such as an increase in the cost of training, a conflict between a major and minor group, and also a tense working environment between their workers. Hence, in order to gain benefits from the diversity, every organization has to manage it effectively.

Table of Contents
1.2The objectives of the report1
1.3Layout of the report1
1.4Conclusion drawn from the research2
2Workforce diversity2
2.1Definition of workforce diversity2
2.2Approaches to Managing Diversity2
2.3 Advantages and Disadvantages of Workforce Diversity3
2.4Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Approaches to Managing Diversity3 3Identification and analysis of organization4
3.1About the 1st organisation4
3.2The approaches to managing workforce diversity5
3.3 Advantages and disadvantages experienced6
4Identification and analysis of organization 26
4.1 About the 2nd organisation6
4.2 The approaches to managing workforce diversity7
4.3 Advantages and disadvantages experienced8
Reference List10

Nowadays, the change and diversity in the workforce and organisational environment has been increasing (O’Leary & Weathington, 2006; Waddel, Devine, Jones & George, 2007; McMahon, 2010). Consequently, this has led to the emergence of diversity management which has become important issue for today’s organisations.It is believed that managing diversity can have positive effects toward organisation’s performance. Regarding this issue, there is an attempt to explore diversity management in today’s organisations by conducting research on two large organisations and describing the research result in this case-study report. Furthermore, this case-study report is also carried out as one of the assignments in MMM132- Management subject. 1.2The objectives of the report

The purpose of this report is first to identify workforce diversity theory and its advantages and disadvantages of managing workforce diversity. Then, this report examines two large organisations namely, PT. Chevron Pacific Indonesia and HSBC, which have ways to manage their organisation’s diverse workforce. Furthermore, this report also analyses both organisations’ approaches to managing workforce diversity, describing benefits and drawbacks each organisation has experienced with its diversity management strategies. 1.3Layout of the report

This report consists of four (4) main parts. The first part gives a brief description of workforce diversity and its benefits and drawbacks of managing workforce diversity for...
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