Psyhcology Behavior

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  • Published : March 1, 2011
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1. What social conditions seem to contribute most often to alcohol and substance abuse? What psychological conflicts and anxieties seem most conducive to substance abuse? The social conditions that contributed most often to alcohol and substance abuse was where there were higher anxiety levels. Places such as highly urbanized communities. Societies such as the one’s that pressure children with responsibilities and not indulgent towards kids suffered from drinking problems. Also, societies that offered little nurturing to adults. 2. What conditions in nonindustrialized societies have been most effective in preventing the abuse of drugs? A study was conduced stating that alcoholism was less common in societies that continues groups, such as family lineage or clan organizations that owned the means of livelihood and would punish its member for their heavy drinking. 3. Discuss some reasons why our American society makes a distinction between legal drugs and illegal drugs. American societies make a distinction between legal and illegal drugs for several reasons. Legal drugs you can buy in pharmacy, store, over the counter pretty much anywhere that has its brand new and labeled. Also in controlled doses. Nobody cares because there is no harm being caused, no violent acts and the person consuming them should be aware of the dosage directions on the label. Now with illegal drugs it’s different. Society knows it’s bad and the one’s selling them know what they are getting themselves into if caught. This is a criminal act and the police will be involved. Society is aware of what is illegal and that selling or consuming will get you arrested.
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