Psycology Case Study

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Psychology 150
Case Study Essay
August 28, 2012

In this case study on Bill I have found many things. Bill suffers from a lot of things steaming from his depression. I feel that there are several different ways to look at this individual. I have broken it down in several different perspectives. In a biological perspective I feel that Bill has inherited this abuse of alcohol. I believe that his parents or someone else in his family also struggles with this issue. I believe him seeing his other family members abuse alcohol he has learned this as a coping mechanism.

In a sociocultural perspective Bill is very afraid of what others will think about him not having a job. Bill is ashamed that he cannot find work. He also will not seek help through a counselor because others will view him differently; he is scared to share his anxiety because he fears others will look down on him. In a cognitive perspective, Bill shows he only sees failure. He has a mindset that he will just constantly fail. So Bill sees no point in trying because he is consumed by negativity towards himself. I feel that he drinks heavily to feel good about himself and get out of the failure that has totally consumed him. I think that when he is drunk he sees himself in a more positive way. From a behaviorist prospective I feel that Bill is in some type of routine of drinking to escape his problems, he has become accustomed to having no friends at all as well as no job, and no income. His days are the same, day after day, heavy drinking, making change very fearful, therefore his excuse is “always a failure”, so he can continue his drinking behavior. With a psychodynamic perspective, believe that Bill is angry at himself due to not keeping a job. Possibly he blames others for the job loss. I believe he does not want to take the responsibility for his actions and accepting the consequences. I think he has had responsibility issues in his past and blames others for his job loss.

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