Topics: The Blind Side, Leigh Anne Tuohy, Sandra Bullock Pages: 2 (399 words) Published: March 28, 2013
Rasheeda Black

“The Blind Side”

The movie starts with Leigh Anne Touhy played by Sandra Bullock Helping out a young teenage boy, named Michael who wasn’t living under a very good environment. Michael is homeless. Leigh Anne felt that a child shouldn’t live under such conditions. And Leigh Anne wanted to show Michael a better life. The whole message to the movie shows in interaction with a woman (Leigh Anne), who is willing to help an individual, who she sees is not living in a suitable environment. Leigh Anne, shows concern, and expresses a social relationship with Michael from the very beginning of the movie that is phenomenal. It is then safe to say that the movie though purely intent on emotional significance, also has relational dimension. Prejudice on the topic on racism was indeed slightly touched by the movie as well when Leigh Anne Touhy’s socialite friends sarcastically praised her (Leigh Anne) on her charitable action but at the same time, warned her of the possibility that her daughter may be violated by Michael .Leigh Anne brushed this off and her family’s acceptance and love as a major topic and regarded the racism issue as something that is unavoidable in an inter-racial or inter-class setting. Leigh Anne’s significant other Sean (Tim McGraw) shows moral support, concern and wiliness for his wife decision to take in Michael together they both love and show eagerness to see Michael achieve. The Halo Effect in this movie. Is to form a positive impression one that Leigh Anne played by (Sandra Bullock. We as individuals tend to hold on to first impressions of a person the Touhy family acceptance is a major virtue preached by selfness concern and love. Never once thinking about charity but believing that they can make a difference in Michael life all in which took place in this phenomenal movie. Achievement culture showed a tremendous role in this movie as...
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