Psychotherapy: Knowledge, Critical Thinking, Social Efficacy

Topics: Thought, Bipolar disorder, Borderline personality disorder Pages: 26 (10195 words) Published: December 2, 2012
date| Knowledge| Critical thinking| Personal efficacy |
8/22/12| | -Self-confidence is your ability to validate yourself-The way we should think is in a gradient (nuance is your friend)-No one is 100% anything-6(or 7) liquids of history in order:1 beer,2 wine,3 coffee,4 tea,5 booze,6 coke,7 (to be) waterSo most of history we’ve been drunk| -English makes us think in opposites and makes it difficult to be mentally healthy. -rid yourself of moral judgment because we suck at it. -if you judge others, it always gives a reflection of yourself-there is only the need to protect yourself and others| 8/24/12date| * Community of concern- the people you choose to take care of. –biggest thing therapists will ask * If you don’t have a family of choice figure out if it’s your fault. If not get one. * Main cause of psychopathology is lack of contact-that might be physical or just having the focus on you and that energy-teachers should do this too-morphogenetic field is a good learning group environment * We are being meaner with each other because we are disconnecting * We are losing the ability to make contact * Religious structure is being corrupted into the capitalist society * Psychiatrists are partly paid on commission * Knowledge| 1. What ways are you at an advantage? 2. What way are you not at an advantage? 3. What way are you oppressed? 4. What way are you the oppressor?Critical thinking| Personal efficacy| | * You should fit your treatment to you client and not the other way around * We are drugging our children based on TV commercials * Mental illness is generally an American creation/ each therapy is dependent on the culture * Pathologically dysfunctional(abnormal deviant)-> functional(normal)-> hyper functional(abnormal deviant)| | | 8/27/12| * Most patients only have 7 sittings with a therapist. * Rougirian silence: you don’t ask questions. “I’m wondering what you are thinking” * 50 minute hour is our society. It’s all about money. Everything is incremented. * Money should never be a treatment issue but it tends to be * Nuremberg trials - after the Nazi movement: following orders does not justify killing people| * Outside beauty means nothing about inside beauty. Our culture is often based on shallowness. * Counseling vs. psychotherapy * You need to have the same degrees as psychotherapy during counseling or there is more potential for malpractice unless you refer them to someone else. * Counseling is like couching help you living your life better/ more surface * Psychotherapy involves very deep and reconstruction * Psychotherapy is a world view and it might be necessary in order to be good at the jobNo moral judgment only understanding in psychotherapy| | date| Knowledge| Critical thinking| Personal efficacy|

8/29/12| * The Land Ethic: what is functionally/ structurally good for the land? The equivalent for judging people is what is good for life (biologically/psychologically) * The exceptions are outliers * The wrong nutrition in the first few years can cause brain damage * Bioenergetics cachectic- when you have a feeling in your body about something. Emotions feel physical. * You might want to stop smoking “if you want a healthy life” not judging and just because we think it is the right thing to do doesn’t mean it is the right thing for that person| * We need to know the whole story in order to judge * SAR- a class to stop from laughing at sexual desires. You can’t laugh at your patients| * LRE-least restrictive environment in which you can function * Evolution is purely given us a drive to be sexual not to procreate * A primary conflict is between psychotherapy and religion * You can accept a person but not approve. * You should not start child raising under a democratic system for the first several years until they start questioning| 8/31/12date| * Stuff to know * Men do 20% of...
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