Psychosocial Stage of Development Paper

Topics: Erikson's stages of psychosocial development, Developmental psychology, Erik Erikson Pages: 4 (1188 words) Published: February 6, 2011

Psychosocial Stage of Development Paper
Tristam Craig
PSY 504
Oct 03, 2010
Elisa Doebler-Irvine

Psychosocial Stage of Development Paper
The theory of Erik Erikson is that the early childhood years are very important stages of the development of the personality of an individual. This theory followed many of the principals of theories developed by Sigmund Freud, in relation to the id, ego and superego and the theory of sexuality in infancy. Erikson disagreed with the theory Freud used in describing personality based only on sexuality, and where Freud was under the belief that personality was developed by the age of five years, Erikson believed that personality continued to develop past the age of five (Davis & Clifton, 1995). Erikson was of the belief that all of the stages of personality were present at birth, unfolding throughout life developing according to an innate scheme and the structure of the family and culture of an individual growing up. Erikson is of the belief that each stage of personality development derives from a psychosocial crisis, based upon psychosocial development, with emphasis placed upon the demands from either society or from the parents or both. These crisis need to find resolution by the ego during that stage of development in order for the development to advance efficiently. How the stage is resolved is not a permanent resolution, and may altered later through other experiences at later stages in life. A combination of the traits developed at each stage exist within all individuals with personality development being deemed successful only if more good traits are developed than bad traits (Davis & Clifton, 1995). The theory developed by Erikson believes the ego is very important, and a part of the ego has the ability to function independently of the id and superego. His theory also is of the belief that the ego has the ability to relate to various...
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