Psychosocial Development

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Psychosocial Development

By | May 2011
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Psychosocial Development

Human beings are the most complex species of individuals created by nature. Many doctors, scientists, and psychologists have devoted life long efforts to researching humans and how we develop. Areas of research include physical, mental, and psychological development. There are several theories regarding psychological development, however, one popular theory that I would like to put at the center of attention is psychosocial development. Psychosocial development is a belief expressed by Eric Erikson which involves human development over a course of eight stages. Erickson believed that each stage builds upon the successful completion of the previous stages. Human development relies on human needs being fulfilled. Human development can not occur unless developmental needs are met. In psychosocial development, Ericson presents us with eight stages over the course of a lifetime, which begins at birth and ends with old age. Each stages represent developmental points in an individual’s life. Development proceeds in stages, each characterized by a crisis, a psychosocial challenge that presents opportunities for development. Initially, when a child is born until about one year of age, the child is in the Trust vs. Mistrust stage. In this stage the infant learns to trust those that are caring and nurturing to them and distrust individuals that may mistreat them. According to Erickson’s theory, my one year old son has recently passed stage one of psychosocial development. During stage one I earned my child’s trust by nurturing and loving him. At age one my son could not vocally express his trust for me, but I could determine the trust bond by the coos, smiles, overall happy expression of my son while in his presence. Stage two of Erickson’s life span stages is Autonomy vs. Shame. This occurs at approximately ages one to three. In this stage, autonomy develops when children use their psychomotor skills to explore the world. At age 22 months, my...

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