Psychology Unit 1

Topics: Semantics, Memory, Experiment Pages: 3 (1006 words) Published: March 12, 2013
The levels of processing theory which talks about there being 3 ways of how the memories are processed (structural which is the least durable memory as its processed visually, phonetic which is processed acoustically and semantic processing which is the deepest form of processing and it processes using meaning) would explain why some memories that have not been rehearsed are still remembered due to semantic meaning which is more durable to a structural processed memory. However the disadvantage to LOP is that it does not give a clear understanding to what ‘deep’ processing is and is also a reductionist theory as it does not take into account of how unique the human mind is as it is. 1. Independent measures design uses two groups to do each condition of the experiment; the strength of this is that is prevents order affect as the participants are not doing each condition twice which can lead to the participants feeling fatigue or improving through practise.

2. Matched participant design also uses two group to do each condition however to make the experiment more fair they make sure that both group are similar e.g. IQ, gender or age. There is a disadvantage to this as it takes time and is difficult to be able to find two groups of participants to match each other’s ability.

3. One theory of forgetting is displacement theory which is based on the MSM theory which explains that memories pass through three stores; sensory store, short term memory store (which can only hold between 5-9 items) and the finally long term memory store. As for memories to successfully travel to the LTM the memory must be paid attention to and then rehearsed. The displacement theory suggests that if the memory is not rehearsed once in the STM then new memories will displace the older memories leading the older memories to be forgotten. However if the memories in the STM are rehearsed then they will be passed through to the LTM.

4. The results for the Godden and Baddeley...
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