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To assess the stress in your personal life, examine each life event on this list. See if this has applied to you at some point in the last 12 months. If it did, write the corresponding number in the Tally Column. If the event occurred more than once, multiply the score by the number of events, i.e., if you moved twice in the past year, then score 2 X 20 points = 40. Be as honest as possible, then total your points.

Life Events|Score|Tally|
Death of a spouse|100||
Marital separation|65||
Imprisonment; maior violation of the law|63||
Death of close relative or friend|63||
Personal injury or serious illness|53||
Dismissal from work|47||
Marital reconciliation|45||
Change in health of family member|44||
Sexual difficulties|39||
Gain of new familv member|39||
Business re-adiustments/change iobs|39||
Change in fmancial state|38||
Change in number of arguments with spouse|35||
Taking out a new mortgage or major loan|32||
Foreclosure of mortgage or loan/buying a house|30||
Change in responsibilities at work|29||
Son or daughter leaving home|28||
Trouble with in-laws|29||
Outstanding personal achievement/taking exams|28||
Spouse begins or stops work|26||
Change in personal habits|24||
Trouble with boss/neighbors|23||
Change in working hours or conditions|20||
Moving from one house to another|20||
Changing schools|20||
Change in leisure pursuits|19||
Change in church activities|19||
Change in social activities|18||
Minor mortgage or loan|17||
Change in sleeping habits|16||
Change in number offamilv get-togethers|15||
Change in eating habits|15||
Going on a vacation|13||
Approaching Christmas season|12||
Minor violation of law; traffic offence|11||

2 Holmes & Rahe Scale as accessed: 8/14/2003; www.angelfire.comlne/metsemakers/stress2.htm

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