Psychology Stereotypes Crash

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  • Published : November 4, 2010
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Stereotype is a belief or could be a few beliefs about a specific person or group, and they include conceptions of groups based on prior experiences. An example of stereotypes in the movie ‘Crash’ are when the Mexican lock smith is replacing the locks on the doors, the owner expects that the lock smith will sell the keys for the house to one of his gang members because she thinks that he is a criminal as he has prison tattoos and a slight Mexican accent. At the end of the movie it is proven that in fact the Mexican lock smith Daniel Ruiz is not a bad guy he is a caring father and is not involved in gangs or criminal action. Another example in ‘Crash’ is when Rick Cabot (the elected District Attorney) and his wife Jean Cabot are walking and they see two African American guys walking towards them, Jean hugs closer to Rick because she is scared and expects that the men are criminals and could pose a threat, this stereotype is not challenged because the African American guys end up stealing their car and holding the poor couple at gun point. Also when one lady is driving and is held up by another lady who happens to be Asian, the lady says that Asians can’t drive because they are far too small and can’t see over the steering wheel. Discrimination is to be able to tell the difference between a conditioned stimulus and other stimuli that has not been pared yet. An example of racial prejudice in the movie ‘Crash’ is when Officer John Ryan says to the African American doctor that there are a lot more qualified people than you out there, he only said that because she was dark skinned and because he was angry about how nice his dad was as he employed a lot of African workers in a cleaning company but lost all of them when the government took over the employees and left his company in a shamble. An Attitude is something that shows ones degree of disliking or liking an item generally through body movement or tone and the way you go about doing something....
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