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Topics: Gender, Anorexia nervosa, Male Pages: 5 (1388 words) Published: November 2, 2011
Anorexia Nervosa In Men
Cristy Honeycutt
Stanly Community College

This paper is about the research of men with anorexia. Is it the same as female anorexia or is it something different? Also researchers are trying to see if it requires a different type of treatment verses the types of treatment they use for females. It also talks about what types of males are more prone and known to get this disorder. This study is explored by Catherine Soban in detail. The study is also trying to see what maybe can bring on this disorder in males.

Anorexia Nervosa In Men
The purpose of this study was to determine the validity of male anorexia nervosa and to see how it is different from female anorexia nervosa. Also it was to see how they might could treat the disorder. This study was undertaken to look into male anorexia, because it is ignored by so many people. Most people think that it is just a female problem. People tend to notice it more in females than in males, but what people don't know is that it occurs in males quite often too. In this study researchers want to look at how common anorexia nervosa is in males and what might trigger it and how to possibly treat it.(Soban, 2006)

Background Review of the Journal
Anorexia Research Studied
Anorexia for males is like a whole different disorder for males, than for females. This disorder in males has to be looked at in an appropriate may for males, because the brain chemistry between males and females are different. Therefore, each gender is going to analyze things differently and act on things differently which leads to say that when it comes to anorexia nervosa, they are going to be different with the disorder. (Soban, 2006)

Most men with this problem do not come out and admit it, because most people associate anorexia nervosa with females not males. "They fear they will get made fun of and will not be taken seriously." (Soban, 2006) Psychologist are trying to find a way to treat males different from females to help males with anorexia nervosa, and to show that it is just as serious as female anorexia nervosa. (Soban, 2006)

Male and female anorexia nervosa victims suffer from the same clinical disorder, but there are some different characteristics based on their gender and interpretation of it.(Soban, 2006)

Influences on Male Anorexia Nervosa
It is believed that the models on the TV. advertisements for clothing companies with these perfect bodies has had a negative influence on males and making them anorexic. That is the ideal image of what males want to look like and other peers are drooling over the nice looking body. Some males will go to extremes to look like that and this has been a major reason for males becoming anorexic.

According to Soban "there is no gender focused psychotherapy approach" to focus on the pressures that affect a males development of his self image in relation to anorexia nervosa.(Soban,2006)
Because male anorexia is focused on females or girliness, the explanations for women has a small effect on the similarities to male anorexia nervosa, meaning that male and female anorexia are their own disorders.(Soban, 2006)

Types Of Males That Have Anorexia Nervosa
It has been shown through studies that there are two different most common groups of males with anorexia nervosa. The two groups are, homosexual men and athletes.(Soban, 2006)
Homosexuals are people who have sexual feelings toward a person of the same sex. (Merriam Webster's Homosexuals are the most ranked to be seen with anorexia nervosa. This is because most homosexuals have more feminine traits in them than most other males, which is what links this back to anorexia nervosa being stereotyped as a female only disorder. (Soban, 2006)

Then you have athletes as the second most common type of males to have anorexia nervosa. Athletes usually have nice looking toned bodies which would be considered the perfect...
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