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  • Published : April 18, 2013
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Research Paper

Every individual is unique from everyone else. We all possess unique personality structures. According to David G Myers’s textbook Psychology, personality is defined as an individual’s characteristic pattern of thinking, feeling, and acting. Thus, those characteristic pattern makes up one’s own unique character. However, some may have unhealthy personalities while others may have a joyful life living with their healthy personalities. People with healthy personalities are comfortable with their surroundings and successfully copes with the daily basis routines or easily establishes new relations. But as with people with personality disorders, they have more difficulty making connections. Personality disorders, according to David G. Myers, Psychology , can be defined as a person’s “ inflexible and enduring patterns of behavior that impair one’s social functioning.” The people suffering from these challenges often pass through obstacles such as unable to live the changes and demands of life. They might also believe within themselves they are as normal as everyone else and that their actions and thoughts are normal , however, they end up having difficulty interacting within their environment. Personality disorders are divided into three clusters that represents some of the disorders some people suffer from.Each cluster has its own specific behavior and reactions. A first cluster categorizes into three anxiety disorders. It includes the schizoid personality disorder, paranoid personality disorder, and the schizotypal personality disorder. The schizoid personality disorder is a disorder that cause the individual to be very isolated. People with schizoid personalities are very ‘’introverted, withdrawn, solitary, emotionally cold, and distant.” ( They are influenced by their own thoughts. Thus, they are very afraid of joining groups which explains their distance. Similarly, paranoid...
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