Psychology of Social Influence

Topics: Sociology, Social psychology, Social influence Pages: 2 (657 words) Published: December 9, 2010
Eryn Pulliam Cannon
Research Article 1
Don't Throw in the Towel:
Use Social Influence Research
This article is detailing how psychology can be used in a variety of ways in society other than counseling or the cliché of psychology. It looked at a simple problem to find the best solution. The problem in this article was looking at ways to inform guest from various hotels to reuse their towels. Reusing towels would, “increase the environmental protection and environmental cooperation.” It would also help conserve environmental resources. Many of the hotels tried various ways to increase their guest’s awareness and responsibility in this process by placing different key phrases on a card placed around the room. The hotels started by trying different things that would try to influence their guest, instead of looking at it from a psychological point of view. This study examined the persuasive appeals and its focus on descriptive social norms. It looked at what people were doing and willing to do. There were many example phrases they tested. These included the following: HELP SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT.

You can show your respect for nature and help save the environment by reusing your towels during your stay. A second type of card focused guests on environmental cooperation. It stated: PARTNER WITH US TO HELP SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT

In exchange for your participation in this program, we at the hotel will donate a percentage of the energy savings to a nonprofit environmental protection organization. The environment deserves our combined efforts. You can join us by reusing your towels during your stay. A third type of card focused guests on the descriptive norms of the situation. It stated: JOIN YOUR FELLOW GUESTS IN HELPING TO SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT

Almost 75% of guests who are asked to participate in our new resource savings program do help by using their towels more than once. You can join your fellow guests to help save the environment by reusing your towels during...
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