Psychology of Personality

Topics: Sigmund Freud, Psychosexual development, Freudian psychology Pages: 4 (1617 words) Published: March 5, 2013
In this assignment we will be evaluating a psychological theory of personality in which I have chosen to do psychosexual personality theory we will also be taking a look at Id, Ego, Super ego and the defence mechanism theory from Freud. We will be looking into the sexual drive that a child has from infancy and the Oedipus complex and how it causes the penis envy and Electra complex. Freud’s training in medical science cultivated a deep appreciation in him in the relationship between theory and research and the need for sharp definitions of the theoretical concepts. Apart from details of Freud’s theories a major contribution of this is the scientific observation he made. He cared less about efforts to verify psychoanalytic principle in the laboratory. Freud (1940) believed that one of main factors in the development of personality was the libido or as known to us the sexual drive. Freud (1940) also believes that sexual life doesn’t only start at puberty but clearly starts just after birth. The sexual drive is first introduced through the mouth in the first year of an infant’s life and this is what they call the oral phase. And in the oral phase and infant experiences please from sucking biting or chewing if the mother is breast feeding or when they are given solid food to eat. He also said that people who had early oral problems when they become and adult are more likely to overeat, smoke and have preference for oral sex gratification. The second Sexual drive is the anal phase a child will experience this around the third year of them being born the anal phase tend to happen it two stages in the first stage the infant will experience pleasure in expelling faeces and in the second stage he/she will experience pleasure in storing faeces. This stage normally occurs during the time parent’s start to toilet train their child. The most significant one of Freud’s models was the phallic stage were a child starts to obtain pleasure from stimulating themselves they also...
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