Psychology of Dreams Annotated Bibliography

Topics: Dream, Carl Jung, Sigmund Freud Pages: 9 (3132 words) Published: March 13, 2013
Shannon Walter
Professor Liao
English 104 – 33
12 March 2013
Research Proposal: The Psychology of Dreams
For my research project, I am investigating the abstract world of dreams and the theories behind those dreams. Why we dream what we dream, and how, and where dreams come from. There have been many different theories on where dreams come from and how to interpret the dreams of different people. I will be exploring the similarities and differences of those theories along with speculating which theories are the most accurate, taking into consideration recent research on the psychology of dreams and dream interpretation. My main focus will be the world-renowned psychologist, Sigmund Freud. His theories on dreams and the interpretation of dreams are the most widely known and socially accepted theories, but are those theories the most accurate? That is what my research paper will be discussing and examining.

This paper will be objective, simply providing the facts about dreams and the different theories regarding dreams and the interpretation of them. I will go in depth with why we dream what we dream, some of the most common dreams that people have, and what the most popular theories are behind the psychology of dreams.

My purpose of this paper is to inform my audience of the theories behind dreams and where they come from. I will provide information on the different interpretations of common dreams, the history of dreams, and the basics of the sleeping cycle. My readers are my class peers as well as my instructor. I think that many people know the basics of how we sleep but I think that the general public remains oblivious as to why we dream what we dream, as well as where our dreams come from in our subconscious mind. The main percentage of the population continues through life without even giving their dreams a second thought, if their dreams mean anything, or if they serve a greater purpose in their lives and their subconscious thought process. I believe that people need to have a greater understanding of dreams to be able to better understand themselves and their wants and desires in their lives. The print format of my essay will give readers a chance to really understand the information that I am providing for them by giving them the opportunity to read at their own pace and to re-read sections they don’t quite grasp the first time read.

I will begin my paper with the history of dreaming and the basic information needed to understand where dreams come from and the basics of the sleep cycle. I will then go into further detail of the different theories behind the dreaming process and the interpretation of dreams from different psychologists. Finally, I will state my position on which theories I think to be most current with recent psychological findings in the dream department.

My main research questions will be where dreams come from in our minds as well as what are common dreams that people have, why they may have those dreams and also what theories on dreaming are the most current with recent research findings. Also, I will be giving a broad overview of what dreams are and how they happen.

The main source that I will be focusing on is Sigmund Freud’s The Interpretation of Dreams. It is essentially the book that started all of the theories on dreams and the interpretation of dreams. After this book was published, many other psychologists came out with their own theories on dreaming, but they were all based off of Freud’s initial theories. Many of my other sources are articles and journals that critique Freud and other psychologist’s theories; the sources analyze each theory and go into depth as to which of them are better than others and which are based off of more recent research findings than others. I also have a source that argues against the validity of Freud’s theories and concludes that while he is on the right track, he does not have all of the information needed to make the hypotheses that...
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