Psychology of Celebrity Addiction

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  • Published : April 29, 2013
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Research Analysis Paper
The Psychology of Celebrity Addiction

Why do we care so much about celebrities? They’re just like everyone else, or are they? Do they have some kind of special powers that makes us intrigued to them? Make everyone around them stop in amazement. What is it about them that makes us want to be them, strive to be them, and completely obsess over them? This essay will also include quotes from real college teenagers about this topic. In this research analysis, topics such as the Kardashians, and Periz Hilton will be tackled, as well as get down to the very gritty reason why we engross ourselves in their worlds. In today’s modern society, no matter how hard you try not, it’s impossible to not care and avoid keeping up with celebrities lives. So what is it about their world that seems so alluring to us? It could be the obvious answers; cars, money, mansions, the celebrity friends, vacations, etc. Or is it something deeper than that, do we all want the attention they receive? The love they receive from fans and paparazzi, and how volume-wise it’s larger than what we receive from just our friends and family. The portrayal they put out for the media cannot also be forgotten. This problem-free life style they have, that seems like any problems they have aren’t really theirs, more so their managers or theirs crews. “It seems as if they never have any struggles, no financial problems, no work related issues, and I guess it’s just that lifestyle that makes me watch and listen, and just want more”-Alyssa. In 2013, turn on a television and flip to any channel and the show will either include a known celebrity or will have on in its commercials. You can’t get around the fact that they’re in the average person’s life daily. Speaking of televisions, there is an excess of celebrity reality shows. Funny enough, even with their million dollars cars, gigantic houses, and designer clothing; their lives are pretty much the same as ours. The conversations they...
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