Psychology of Body Language

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  • Published : January 22, 2012
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Navarro, Joe. (2008, January 1). Fast forces of attraction. Retrieved from | “Pitch correlates only loosely with height, but is closely tied to hormone levels—meaning it's a good indicator of fertility or dominance, as well as health and attractiveness. "In general, people with attractive voices have attractive faces," says David Feinberg, a psychologist at McMaster University.” (pg.1)| This is interesting because well one the use of the word correlation in this statement made me think of the correlation research method. Did they do actual research? And then I continued to where David Feinberg made his statement, and I believe this is untrue because again each person’s perception is different, I then continued to think of the saying “you have a face for radio” it just seemed contradictory.| | |

“Accents affect our perceptions, as do speed and pitch. We judge fast talkers to be more educated, and those with varied inflection to be more interesting. Men prefer higher voices in women, and women like deeper voices in men (especially when ovulating or looking for a short-term relationship)…” (pg. 1)| When the word “perception” came about I immediately thought of the Cognitive Prospective.| …”That's why our brains have set us up to draw instantaneous inferences from tiny nuances of behavior, what psychologists call "thin slices" of judgment. We form first impressions of another's attractiveness in a tenth of a second, generating a symphonic burst of desire in which everything from voice to wit plays a part…” ( pg. 2).| This section made me think that they used the Biological Prospective to explain the reasoning and help make it easier to see.| “People like people whom others find attractive. You might be inclined to think it's because socializing with (or sleeping with) the It girl enhances your own status in the crowd.” (pg.2)| Right here is a great example of the Socio-cultural...
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