Psychology - Obesity Case

Topics: Obesity, Hypertension, Body mass index Pages: 5 (1186 words) Published: May 31, 2011
1) Select a topic that you are interested in (in form of variable), start from general idea or area, attach your reading in your portfolio:


The topic that we are going to test and discuss is "Obesity". Obesity is a medical condition in which it is an accumulation of excessive to the extent of causing health problems and reducing the life expectancy.

2) Discuss the topic with your activities group, report what you learned from the discussion:


What we concluded from the discussion is that obesity is much acclaimed in the UAE and it is a huge problem that may affect the coming generations.

3) The importance of the topic (Justify your selection: Why did you select this topic? In at least one paragraph):


Obesity has increased recently in the United Arab Emirates due to excess junk food and the lack of activities such as sports and exercise. Some of the people related the lack of activities to the hot weather conditions but others referred to the availability of gymnastics such that it is closed and has nothing to do with the external environment. However, obesity has a great influence on the health of people and consequently it reduce the age expectancy of the patients. Therefore, behind every disease there are factors that drag to the cause of it, for obesity we are going to try to find the reasons behind the surplus availability of obesity in the UAE.

4) Develop a title ( Connect your topic variable with other related variables): The Excessiveness of Obesity
5) Identify the dependant and independent variables (attach your reading about the new related variable in your portfolio):

Independent Variables:
* Body Mass Index (BMI)
* Age
* Gender
* Diabetes
* Heart problems

Dependent variables:
* Smoking Habit.
* Alcohol
* Duration of treatment (if done before)
* Physical activity.

6) State the objectives of your study in a form of:
* Statement:" The factors that can cause the excess flow of obesity and their possible solutions". * Question: Does the tested variables caused any changes on the accumulation of obesity? * Hypothesis: we are going to test between the dependent and independent variables and the accumulation of excessive fat.

7) Develop a constitutional definition for your independent and dependent variables: Independent variables:
* Body Mass Index: is heuristic proxy for the fat in an individual based on the individual's height and weight. * Age: the length of time that a person exists in.
* Gender: if the person is male or female.
* Diabetes: a disease in which the blood accumulates a high percentage of sugar. * Heart problems: a variety of diseases that affect the heart. Dependent Variables:
* Smoking habit: the amount a person smokes per day or week. * Alcohol: any intoxicating liquor that contains yeast. * Duration of treatment: is the time in which an individual has used or tried a way that is prescribed by a doctor or a physician to lose weight. * Physical Activity: is any activity that causes a series of movements on the purpose of losing weight.

8) Develop an operational definition for your independent and dependent variables: Independent Variables:
* Body Mass Index: is a person's weight in kilograms divided by the height (meter squared). * Age: the length of time that a person is still existing for the purpose of obesity's symptoms. * Gender: if the person is male or female based on the some differences on the affection of obesity on the gender. * Diabetes: the excess amount of sugar in blood or the excess lack of sugar in the blood affects on need of sugar on obesity. * Heart disease: the heart disease cause problems on the bumping pressure of the blood to the heart which may cause in an inability in doing exercises. Dependent Variables:

* Smoking habit: the amount of smoking dictates the...
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