Psychology Major Contributors

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Major Contributors to Psychology
Karen Horney:
Horney developed a theory of neurosis (class of functional mental disorders) that is still used today. She identified 10 different neuroses. Horney rejected Freud’s theory of the female psychology as well. She thought men felt somewhat inferior due to “womb envy”. She mad the psychology of women more interesting. She also felt people could act as their own therapist. B.F. Skinner:

B.F. Skinner’s system was based on operant conditioning. He also stated the organism in process of “operating” encounters a reinforcing stimulus. He too brought “reinforcing stimulus” up in his studies. These theories were tested in laboratory rats. Skinner also developed fixed ratio schedules, fixed ratio schedules, fixed interval schedules, and variable schedules. These different schedules were developed to “keep rats on their toes”. William James:

James wrote on the concept of pragmatism. Pragmatism is that the human culture is analyzed as a system of signs. It can also be defined as the truth of an idea can never be proven. He opposed structuralism. He even opposed breaking down mental events to small elements. The James-Lange theory of emotion states that an event triggers a psychological reaction. He also believed emotions are cause by interpretations of psychological events. John B. Watson:

Watson is best known for the contribution of the stage for behaviorism. This study soon rose to dominate psychology. Behaviorism began to lose its hold after the 1950’s. Many of the concepts and principles are still used widely today. “Behavioral Modification” is used today. It helps people to change problematic behaviors and develop new skills. Sigmund Freud

Sigmund Freud is one of the most famous thinkers in psychology history. Freud was the founder of psychoanalysis. He also developed the use of “talk therapy”. Freud was an advocate and user of cocaine, which initially made is reputation as a doctor suffer....
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