Psychology Intro Essay

Topics: Psychology, Developmental psychology, Doctorate Pages: 3 (790 words) Published: November 14, 2010
Task: Imagine that you are a college career counselor. Your job is to offer concise, but thorough information regarding the career options for a psychology major. Please include at least three different subfields and the requirements that the graduate would have to complete in order to be eligible.

Psychology is the study of behavior and mental processes of human beings and animals. Psychology does not only concentrate on one subject matter—instead, it is much more ubiquitous. Though the process of researching some of the many career options for a psychology major may seem overwhelming at first, with the proper guidance it is sure to be interesting and enlightening. In regards to career options for a psychology major, there is a wide range to choose from. Subfields of psychology include clinical, cognitive and perceptual, counseling, developmental, educational, engineering, evolutionary, experimental, forensic, health, industrial/orgazational, neuropsychology, quantitative & measurement, rehabilitation, school, social, and sports. To become any type of psychologist takes a lot of education and work, and often both a bachelor’s and graduate degree to begin with. The three subfields that I will be focusing more on are developmental psychology, rehabilitation psychology, and forensic psychology.

Developmental psychology is the psychological development of the human being that takes place throughout various life stages. It is the field of psychology that more closely examines the impact of maturational processes (as well as experience) on behavior. Developmental psychologists are also required to study the environmental and biological aspects that affect individuals. In order to become a developmental psychologist, there are requirements that a graduate would need to complete in order to be eligible. Most states in the United States require developmental psychologists to have a masters or doctorate degree in developmental psychology. Though many colleges do not...
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