Psychology in Everyday Life

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Date: March , 2013

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The Meaning of Psychology


After examining the large realm of the science of psychology I now realize that my initial definition “the study of the mind and how it worked” was quite incomplete. My initial definition simply covered the branch of psychology known as cognitive psychology, and this is only one of many areas that are actually included under the title psychology. Many psychologists focus on more quantitative aspects than the function of the human mind. There are several different areas that are more easily researched than that of the brain's functionality. An example would be behavioural psychology in which the focus is put on observing behaviour rather than on the processes going on inside the brain that invoke the subject's behaviour. This is just one of the many examples that illustrate this point, and that makes developing a working definition of the term psychology extremely difficult to attain. The range of topics that are considered psychology is very surprising to a newcomer in the field.   Everything from determining which parts of the brain are responsible for controlling certain senses to analyzing the influence of society on   behaviour and development is considered "psychology". So it is obvious that my original definition was extremely limited, but it has now been vastly broadened.

In addition to recognizing the broad range of topics that psychology covers, I also realized that there is large number of different occupations a person trained in psychology can hold.   My original idea was that a psychologist was a person who dealt only with psychoanalysis, and I would imagine that this is a common misconception. The possible career fields for a psychologist are much greater than I had imagined it to be. In the context of the Jamaican society, psychology plays a major role in the developing and emerging trends. In my own experience many of Jamaica’s youth are ill-equipped to deal with the daily problems and issues which arise through general socialisation; this may be due to an overarching problem stemming from morale degradation over many years. Many men and women my age suffer from low self esteem and psychology and the study of it could greatly increase this, it has done so for me and continues to do so.

Research Questions:
The purpose of this study is to examine how Psychology and its study affect and improve an individual? This study will address the following questions.
1. What is the study of Psychology?
2. To what extent does understanding Psychology change a person’s outlook? 3. How does Music affect the Psyche of people?

Literature Review
Lawrence Kohlberg developed the theory of moral development stages in the 1950’s. It is an outstanding example of research in the Piagetian tradition. Wherein Piaget focused on only 2 levels/ stages of moral development, Kohlberg focused on moral development as a continuing development and has proposed a stage theory of moral thinking which goes well beyond Piaget's initial formulations. With Kohlbergs’ theory at stage 1 children think of what is right as that which authority says is right. Doing the right thing is obeying authority and avoiding punishment. At stage 2, children are no longer so impressed by any single authority; they see that there are different sides to any issue. Since everything is relative, one is free to pursue one's own interests, although it is often useful to make deals and exchange favors with others. At stages 3 and 4, young people think as members of the conventional society with its values, norms, and expectations. At stage 3, they emphasize being a good person, which basically means having helpful motives toward people close to one At stage 4, the concern shifts toward obeying laws to maintain society as a whole. At stages 5 and 6 people are less concerned...
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