Psychology in Business

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Question 3: Consider a behaviour that you find to be important and think about its potential causes at different level of explanation. How do you think psychologist will study this behaviour?
Answer: Respect to elders. It is one of the important behaviour to many people and sometimes a tradition all societies or countries in the world, for example, if there are a limited number of seats available somewhere, a person will give up their seat to an old person (& an pregnant lady too) and I have noticed senior citizen lines in almost all the restaurants in the Philippines.

Psychologist may collect data or facts by doing a research or survey among a certain number of people to study this behaviour, facts like how many of them leave a seat for an old person or how many of them help an old person to cross the road.

Question 2: Choose one of the major questions of psychology and provide some evidence from your own experience that supports one side or the other. Answer: Nature vs. nurture: I have three siblings, except the physical similarity all four of us are short-tempered; this is the nature that we got from our parents. All four of us born in different eras; my elder sister, brother, younger sister and me were born on mid 80’s, late 80’s, mid 90’s & late 90’s respectively, so we all had a different environment and friends as we grow up. We can take the technological change as an example, when my elder sister grew up there were no computers or mobile phones, when my elder brother and younger sister grew up there were no I-phones, laptops or easily available internet but in my era I have now third generation mobile phones, laptops. We have different kind of friends with whole different mentality as we grew up in...
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