Psychology Genogram

Topics: Motivation, Want, Need Pages: 1 (354 words) Published: February 19, 2013
The paper will discuss reasons that motivation will be important while during service How do you define motivation? Most dictionaries define motivation as taking action or moving. Motivation to most people is the ability to go beyond self and push you to accomplish certain goals and desires. There must be a driving force that initiates certain behaviors when you define motivation. Motivation takes an inner resolve to make a change or to get something done in order to achieve it. There are different types of motivation that would define motivation in a broader way. A few that can be mentioned are self-motivation, achievement motivation, and attitude motivation. Self-motivation is what most people use to define motivation at its highest peak of accomplishments. If you are able to motivate yourself and reach your goals, you would have conquered the ability to be disciplined and will accomplish anything you put your mind to. The key to becoming self-motivated is persistence. Persistence is the ability to stay focused despite any challenges. It requires an inner resolve to step outside of self and find something from deep within that you may not have known was even there. Motivation is very important to all decisions that you have to make. Without the ability to define motivation and how you can make it work for you, then your life will be an endless drama of going around in circles. The following paper will discuss ways to motivation or to serve others and exploring reasons for service. Motivation helps you start. One of the first steps to success is simply to start. Unfortunately, it's often not easy to start. The task may seem too big to handle. The difficulties may seem too many. Or perhaps you're just plain lazy. Whatever it is, you need something to help you start and that is where your motivation comes into play. When you are motivated, you will naturally want to start. Starting doesn't feel difficult because you want it. This way starting will feel...
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