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Topics: Brain, Linguistics, Japanese language Pages: 2 (521 words) Published: October 25, 2012
FRQ #1
The independent variable is the group receiving feedback. The dependent variable is how much each group correctly identified the figures. The independent variable will not change in the experiment and the dependent variable's outcome will rely on the independent factor.

The foveal is the small pit, in the retina, which provides the clearest and sharpest vision. The participants' foveal vision are needed to be highly active so they can best identify the "geometric figures." Feature detectors are strongly responsive neurons that trigger due to specific features, like shape or movement. Like the foveal vision, a participants' feature detectors are highly active trying to relate and identify the incomplete visual figures. Gestalt's principle of closure is when our brain fills in gaps of incomplete images. This principle is extremely essential to a participant, in this experiment. Gestalt's principle of closure enables the participant to complete and identify the incomplete visual figure.

Random assignment refers to the participants' equal treatment and placement in the experiment. Random assignment ensures the conclusion is not bias and makes sure that each group had a random selection of people; which makes the research more reliable. Statistical significance displays the relationship between the two variables are real and are not due to chance. In this experiment, one could conclude that there was a statistical significance between the two groups, since there was a controlled environment and random assignment.

FRQ #2
The Broca's area is the region in the brain which functions in the production of language. Damage to this area would lead Savannah unable to reach her full potential of grasping the language of Japanese. Phonemes are the smallest unit of meaning in language. If Savannah understands the phonemes of Japanese, she will be able to perform better on her exam. Modeling is a learning method in which someone imitates; Savannah can model her...
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