Psychology Era - Animal Welfare Experiment and Prac Report.

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Psychology ERA - Animal Welfare Experiment and Prac Report.

ERA - Animal Welfare Experiment and Prac Report.
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The aim of this survey experiment is to establish whether an individuals beliefs about an issue are demonstrated consistantly through their responses to the five questions asked about a particular issue, or whether cognitive dissonance is present. In addition to that, the results of each exclusive group can be compared to eachother, to see whether it affects their answers and subsequently, their attitudes.

Each person's responses will be relatively consistent according to the belief they hold on the topic and that there will be minimal variation. The results between males and females will not neccesarily be similar or dissimilar, as it is a mutual topic which affects males and femals equally, therefor the discrepancy that may arise between the different results will be due to the individual belief systems and attitude, and not neccesarily their gender. However I do believe that most people do care about the welfare of animals, and I am anticipating a mean score between 3.8 and 4.5 for each group.

This experiment was conducted by surveying 5 femals and 5 males on the same 5 statements and asking them to rank whether they strongly agreed, all the way to strongly disagreed, with the statement.

Paricipants: 5 females and 5 males, not age specific.

Materials: *stationary to write statements and record responses with, *appropriate materials to write up the report, including graphs eg: notebook, pen, calculator, graph papers

Design: Dependent variable is the thing that is being measured, which in this experiment's case is the response. The independant variable is the gender of the participant.

step 1. Create 5 questions relating to your chosen topic

step 2. Choose two mutually exclusive groups you wish to survey. Eg. male and...
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