Psychology Disorder

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  • Published : April 12, 2011
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The Notebook, by Nicholas Sparks is a touching story about true love but affected by a horrible disease. This story begins when Noah and Allie are in a nursing home, eighty years into their life. Noah goes back in time to tell the story of him and Allie, and how they came to be together. Their major conflict is when Noah and Allie grow older and diseases start to appear. The main conflict, in present time, is that the old lady, Allie has a disease called Alzheimer's, in which she cannot remember her past or anything that just happened. Her husband Noah , who she knows as a random guy who reads to her daily, tries to help her remember who he is, and their story of their lives by reading her a book they wrote of their childhood up to their adulthood. Unfortunately, it takes her a very long time to actually remember, and that recollection only lasts for a short while. Noah has to read to Allie every day because she forgets who he is on a daily basis. If Noah didn’t read to her on a daily basis, she would start screaming to him and would think that he was a stranger. Noah was not in the best shape, himself but he keeps on reading without giving up on Allie. Despite having advanced arthritis, Noah devotes himself to taking care of Allie who now does not even remember who he is. During the day, he stays with her reading the notebook to her, and at night he goes back into time to the wonderful life they have had together. I am moved to tears reading the letter Allie had written before she left home for the nursing home. Diagnosed as having Alzheimer's disease, she was aware of what awaited her. Knowing that the loss of memory is one of the symptoms that Alzheimer's patients have, she wrote, "So I love you so deeply, so incredibly much, that I will find a way to come back to you despite my disease, I promise you so." However, it is almost impossible for Alzheimer's patients to recover memories. But Noah, although depressed and sorrowful, never surrenders to...
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