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  • Published : October 20, 2010
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1. Psychology’s perspectives
What do you believe to be the causes of Andrea Yates’ murder of her children? Make sure to cite the text and tie your ideas to at least one of psychology’s main perspectives (cognitive, neuroscience, behavior genetics, behavioral, social-cultural, evolutionary, psychoanalytic). I think the main reason why Andrea Yates’ murder her children is because some psychology problem. The main reason why Andrea Yates will murder her children is based on the three main levels of analysis. According to the textbook Myers, it is based on “biological influences, psychological influence and social-cultural influence” (Myers Pg 8) to affect one’s behavior. I think the reason why Andrea Yates murder her children is because her nursing toward her five children. For example, the biological influences, genes responding to the environment, is due to Andrea feeling that her children feels that children are burning like hell. In addition, behavior genetics will cause Andrea Yates to protect her children. The environment around the house makes Andrea feels that her children is in danger, so Andrea need to protect her children. I think these psychology perspectives on explaining Andrea Yates’s murder cases are the best way to describe what she experience. 3. The limits of human intuition.

If you drop a bullet off a table 3 feet high, and fire another one straight across an empty football field from a height of three feet, which will hit the ground first? Answer: I think the bullet which drops off from a table 3 feet high will first hit the ground first. It is because when we first another bullet, there is momentum. Therefore, the bullet will travel a distance until it finally drops on the ground. A ball rolls down a spiral track. The end of the track curves left. What path will the ball take when it leaves the track? Answer: The ball which rolls down a spiral track at the end will continue a straight line. It will not change it road unless there is...
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