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  • Published : April 29, 2013
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Are we really individuals or do and act and behaviour according to multiple influences? This essay will draw on materials cited from the relevant chapters of Discovery Psychology to examine and assess this claim and determine whether or not multiple influences have an effect on our behaviour and performance. Drawing from examples in chapter one, it shows that there are biological and social influences that affect the in which we behave, making the statement above to be true. One of these examples refer to a well known scientist called Theodor Adorno (1950) along with his colleagues, explored the notion of authoritarian personality, which consisted of a kind of personality typified by obedience to authority, strict adherence to rules, and hostility towards anyone different from oneself ( J, McAvoy, pg 23). Himself in particular set about defining authoritarian personality due to World War II, and the Nazi regime that dominated most of the world through genocide, killing over 6 million European Jews. The question they asked was, how do you come about in committing such extreme violence and inhuman acts? They explored this was through measuring the characteristics of anti Semitism (prejudice and hostility towards Jews) and the other was fascism (A political ideology or regime marked by extreme nationalism and racism, centralisation of authority and the suppression of political opposition) (J, McAvoy, pg 26). Their studies instead based upon the American’s that walked the street in that era long after the predisposition with the German Nazi’s. Their results showed instantly that fascism was still readily present, and that people everywhere were capable of having a suppression of political ideology. Due to strict coherent parents and the nurture that forms the personality; from childhood through to adulthood, with the unsettlement of the inner psyche which was investigated use a method called psychoanalysis (A set of theories and therapeutic methods exploring the...
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