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  • Published : December 17, 2012
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Intra- and Interpersonal Competencies 2012-2013
Individual Assignment

Name: Lee Ho Wan
Student ID: 10549951

In this day and age, many have many problems in everyday life since they do not understand themselves much and do not know how to interact with others. This shows that they have poor skills in intra- and interpersonal competencies. Sammy’s case is a good example and I am going to investigate it by identifying his problems and proposing solutions for him.

In Sammy’s case, I can see that Sammy has many problems and I am going to divide these problems into two parts: (1) Problem about himself
(2) Problem with others

(1) Problem about himself
Firstly, Sammy has low self-esteem which is the most crucial problem among his problems. He cannot find any strength or something worth to appreciate, no matter in academy, sports and even physical appearance. He compares himself to others but always views himself lower than others. He thinks everyone is better than him, According to life position, which is a view on the world based on self-feelings and feelings about others. Sammy is right in the “I’m not OK, you’re OK” position. Furthermore, Since Sammy has an unsatisfactory result in the public examination and thus is not able to enter any university, his self-image is greatly worsened because good academic result takes a vital role to build up self-image.

Secondly, he is not capable of acknowledgement of himself which means he does not know how to value himself due to his low self-image. He does not trust himself which performs badly public examination and accordingly doubts about his ability and beliefs. This turns out that he loses self –belief and starts doubting about his identity and interests. He does not know about everything about himself except the fact that he dislikes studying. He is goalless so that he does not have any targets for him to achieve in the future but just listens and goes ahead to the orders...
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