Psychology: Assignment Questions

Topics: Citation, Operating system, Reference Pages: 1 (259 words) Published: February 3, 2007
1. What is the complete title for the article chosen?
Multitasking – Switching Costs

2. Write a brief summary of information from your article about the use of psychology in your chosen profession or life goal (approximately 2 full paragraphs). This article discusses the way multitasking can actually decrease productivity in the workplace. It says that when Switching between tasks,even familiar ones, it takes some time for adjustment in the brain.

3. Why did you choose this article? How is it relevant to your chosen profession? I chose this article as it was the closest i could find with relevance to my profession which is computer applications. I find myself task switching constantly,whether its doing school work,or playing on the computer. I find the article very interesting in that it shows how what we try to do do get many things done quicker,may actually be slowing us down.

4. What type of research was involved in producing the findings in your article -experimental or descriptive? Give reasons for why you think so. (See "Understanding Experimental vs. Descriptive Research" above) The Article was A Collection of Experimental research,as it had several different studies of people in different controlled environments.

5. Provide a complete electronic reference citation (See "Finding Scholarly Sources" & "Citing Your References" in Course Tips) so that others can read your article. (If you cannot find the article on the front page of the web address given, please provide the menu choices necessary for others to find the article.)
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