Psychology and the Use of Electroencephalogram (Eeg)

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  • Published : June 27, 2012
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It seems nowadays, people have been using computers more frequently than in the past, it seems to become almost a requirement to have a computer in today’s modern times. Seems to be that technology, with it being almost everywhere we look is making the world evolve into something new. Psychology is known to be “the study of people” so you would assume that technology in general have no role in this field but this is incorrect (Paley). Psychology relies on the use of computers because it provides them with “tools and capabilities to study the human mind and human behavior” (Paley). One way of Psychology using technology into their field of work is by the Electroencephalogram (EEG), detects any defects in the brain related to electrical activity.

Psychology have to deal with mostly research; they have the opportunity to take any important questions about people and answer them all through research. In the past, the researcher would have to record any research into a journal, and then they would get it published. If anyone were interested any research done by someone, the person would have to do it the old fashion way and go to the library. This seemed a bit complicated because the person if the library they first went to didn’t have the particular journal they were looking for, then they would have to go to another place and do the whole trying to find the journal thing over again. All of this died away when the growing of computers came to life.

The growth of research nowadays can be tied in with computers. Not only are they used to transfer the information but to carry out the research. Researchers don’t have many tools, but with the internet it provides them with new choices. Technology helps psychologists and psychiatrists in helping them achieve their research and answer the questions they’ve been searching for. The Electroencephalogram is one of the ways psychologists and psychiatric patients use technology in helping to find any defects in the brain...
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