Psychology and Multitasking Talent

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  • Published : March 28, 2013
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Issue Analysis Written Response : Multitasking


In the current society, many individuals of different gender intends on doing multitasking by finishing the task instantly. Both multitasking and divided attention have comparable implication. Some researcher’s able to proof that between the both genders, there are no significant differences in their multitasking. However, women are naturally better at multitasking as they juggled more tasks than man. There are several reasons that women multitask better than man in manner of biological differences, frequency on juggling tasks and abilities on multitasking. Firstly, woman leads towards a greater biological difference than man. Women’s have large part of “Corpus callosum” in the brain which stimulates two conversation simultaneously (Halpern, 2000). Next, majority of man would rather focus using single hint while woman mingled multiple ideas from the atmosphere (Williams & Meck, 1990). In fact, the operational IQ in man decrease significantly compared to woman while performing demanding tasks (Wilson & Packard, 2005). Secondly, women are capable in juggling large amount of task frequently. Women usually carry on the lion’s share of house chores and babysitting while holding down their own career job (ABCScience, 2011). Then, as their own family turn on the heat towards them to juggle great amount of task and so they become naturally better at multitasking (Spence, 2012). Furthermore, woman accomplish for the most severe classes of multitasking in the domestic labor such as scutwork and babysitting (Liana, 2007). Finally, woman surpasses man due to superiority in multitasking abilities. Most specifically, women tend to achieve task at considerably higher stage than man as they demonstrate their natural talent for multitasking (Bratley, n.d).Next, women might inherent the ability to be more dynamic and accurate by doing task fruitfully when compared...
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