Psychology and Key Terms

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Here is some additional information on items you missed:
Question: The five basic perspectives that comprise psychological theory are Answer: Neuroscience, Psychodynamic, Behavioral, Cognitive, and Humanistic Key Terms: Psychological theory components|

Question: The translation of a hypothesis into specific, testable procedures that can be measured and observed is called Answer: an operational definition
Key Terms: Operational definition|
Question: An informed consent can be eliminated in an experiment when: Answer: The risks are minimal.|
Question: The region of the central cortex known as the __________ is generally considered to be the site of higher mental processes such as thinking, language, memory, and speech. Answer: association areas

Key Terms: Central cortex, association area|
Question: __________ encompasses the processes by which our sense organs receive information from the environment. Answer: Sensation
Key Terms: Sensation|
Question: A __________ is any passing source of physical energy that produces a response in a sense organ. Answer: stimulus
Key Terms: Stimulus|
Question: Which law explains why a person in a quiet room is more startled by a knock at the door than a person in a noisy room? Answer: Weber's law
Key Terms: Weber’s law|
Question: In __________ theory, the true subject and meaning of a dream may have little to do with its apparent story line. Answer: manifest content
Key Terms: Manifest content theory|
Question: The process by which a stimulus increases the probability that a preceding behavior will be repeated is called __________. Answer:...
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