Psychology and Introduction Video Review

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  • Published : March 3, 2012
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Introduction Video Review

As you watch and listen to the Course Introduction video, complete the answers to the following questions. Some may appear on a quiz or exam during this course.

1. What does the word Psychology mean?

A word about the soul

2. What does the word Theology mean?

A word about God

3. Why is the study of Psychology unique at Liberty University?

We give the Christian view of Psychology

4. __ Theology/The Bible__ is the frame of reference for Psychology at LU.

5. God is a God of revelation: He reveals Himself through:

He reveals himself through Christ, creation, people and nature.

6. When studying psychology it is always tied to theology by filtering any material learned about psychology through what God has revealed through _ Scriptures_, _ Son_, and _ Creative work__________.

7. Explain how Luke 21 relates to the study of Psychology.

Take possession of your soul. Have full control over your inner man.

8. Write out Ephesians 5:1 and reflect on is relationship to the study of Psychology.

Be involved in the imitation of Christ. Be imitators of Christ.

9. What is an existentialist view of psychology?

The concerns with the spiritual dimension of self.

10. What is the study of cognitive psychology?

The study of the belief that the inner conflict in a person is due to individual’s confrontation with the givens of life such as death and responsibility

11. List three other views of psychology Dr. Hawkins discussed.

The thinking self

The deciding self

The feeling self

12. Is sin discussed more in psychology or theology?


13. What is the ultimate filter that LU uses while studying psychology?

Scripture, the power of the Holy Spirit, God and the word of scholarship
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