Psychology and Health Problems

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  • Published : May 16, 2009
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Psychology and Health Problems

Psychology and Health Problems
Suzette Cauthen
Axia College of University of Phoenix

The reading segment provided for this assignment was really helpful. There were four different health problems discussed in this chapter of the reading. In choosing the two health problems appropriate for me to write about there was some careful consideration on my part. After careful consideration the two health problems more complex for me to understand were the headaches and the menstrual problems.

Psychology is a big part of pain and trying to figure out the human mind and body. Stress is a major part of some of the pain people face everyday. Stress is a psychological factor and stress can affect us all differently as an individual. The two kinds of headaches are tension and migraine. These headaches are overwhelming for some people to take. The stress on top of a headache seems to bring more stress. Peoples stress and headaches are brought on by several things and the way we live. For example let’s take a teacher and a family counselor and compare their stress levels. A teacher has a lot more to deal with in a day since he or she would have so many kids where as a family counselor would have to deal with only patients he or she decides to help. This example is used to try to explain the different levels of stress people can undergo by what kind of a day this person follows. Not only can stress cause headaches, but there are some environmental, physiological, and interpersonal factors which cause headaches also. “Some of the factors are called strong light, barometric pressure, pollen, certain drugs, MSG, chocolate, aged cheese, beer, champagne, red wine, and—as millions of women know—the hormonal changes connected with menstruation” (Chapter 4 Reading Text). The major cause of tension—type and migraine headaches are psychological and interpersonal factors. After careful research into this matter studies have shown headache...
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