Psychology and Happy Childhood

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  • Published : April 14, 2013
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My happy childhood

Childhood is some time that everyone will keep as the most valube thing in his life. It whips up emotions whenever we think of it . All of us want to go back to childhood to enjoy it once more . Because there is something we can never get again . When it comes to childhood ,we always can’t control our emotions . I was growing up in a small village in the middest of JiangXi . Aroud my hometown are many green hills and trees . Though it is not beautiful enough to attract visitors ,it gives me a lot of joy . Today , I will show you some funny things when I was still a little boy . The most interesting thing I think , is wandering on hills , looking for wild fruit . Such as wild grapes ,yangmei and many other wild fruit that I can’t find out their names on the Internet . The fruit made my childhood sweety . When I was on my way home after school , I often picked some fruit as well as my friends and enjoyed it happily all the way . Sometimes I shared it with my parents . Acctually , I grew up with the wild fruit . No matter time goes , I think I will never forget the sweety fruit . When free , I usually went to pasture cattle . It seems boring ,but I can play well . Because there were many other boys and girls did the same . We gathered to play games on the grass , let the cattle alone . At set of sun , we also went back home together . I often envied my companions at that time . They can ride the catlle but on the contrary ,if I sat on my cattle’s back , it won’t stop jumping and running until I was tipped off . It’s a pity in my childhood . Another pleasure is catching fish in pool or river in my spare time . To be honest , I am not good at fishing . What I liked is catching fish just by hands . It was very exciting when fingers touched the fish under the water . when autumn came , I would like to dig loach. If I get some fish , the supper on that night would be great for mother will turn the fish into delicious dishes . Though at...
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