Psychology and Followers

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  • Published : March 14, 2012
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What does it feel to have no freedom? Is it easy to live in a world that is controlled by a mean leader- a dictator? Dictators are people who practice excessive control on others for their own benefits. One of the most notable dictators is Adolf Hitler, the most terrifying man in German during his reign. He was once referred as the absolute dictator by the people of his time. During that time, many people had to suffer from his mean and uncompromising leadership. Nowadays, dictators are no longer often used to refer people who practice excessive control on others. Some think that calling people as dictators are too offensive; others think that dictators only exist in a political world. Therefore, people start to call those who practice control others with other euphemism, namely, bullies. Bullies, while may seem less offensive and dangerous, are similar with the dictators in terms of their personality, their ways of controlling people and their methods of remaining powerful. One of the similarities between dictators and bullies are their personality as both are arrogant and strict. They think that they are the most superior person in their territory. They always make their own rules. Usually, their rules put them as the highest authority. They can alter the rules anytime they want; they even can make a new one if they do not feel satisfied with the old one. They want people to abide them regardless what the actual law says. Some of the bullies and dictators even bribe the government officials and authorities to ensure that the actual law will not harm then if anything bad happen. As a result, even after tons of reports about their misconducts, they are still free to do what they want. As time passed, they tend to forget about the existence of the actual law. They have become too familiar with their own rules. They also seem to think that they will never been effected by the actual law because they are the authority - at least, in their territory. All in all,...
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