Psychology and Emotions

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  • Published : February 13, 2013
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Meeran Ali
Famous Film Critic Roger Ebert has said "Your intellect may be confused, but your emotions will never lie to you.”. Honorable members of the jury, respected teachers and my dear friends …A very pleasant good morning to one and all! Today I stand before you to speak for the motion on the topic “MAN IS A BUNDLE OF EMOTIONS”. Emotion is one of the most controversial topics in psychology. Love and hatred, joy and sorrow, sympathy and jealousy, disappointments and fulfillments always tear and toss him. His entire life moves around these emotions. He can ruminate on the past and can plunge into the future. Man is never satisfied with what he has. The more he has the more he wants. In simple words He is full of ambitions. It can be proudly proclaimed that we human beings are nothing but a bundle of emotions. Emotions represent us, shape us, make us and even have the capacity to break us. Emotions serve as a sophisticated system of internal guidance that can help us survive, develop and successfully compete. Emotions help us in making decisions as our feelings help us to make choices , help us in predicting and understanding behavioral responses in self and in others , facilitate in opening channels of communication, and enhance our capacity for relating to and connecting with each other . If emotions are so important then isn’t it natural that we should be the in the driver’s seat controlling and managing emotions, rather than letting them hijack our intellect, values and thinking. We should rule over our emotions rather than allowing our emotions to rule over us. I find it rather hilarious that importance of emotion is often neglected on the false pretext that man is a rational being. As the tumult of emotions unfolds within our bodies, intelligence is often forced to take a back seat. In the light of potency and power that emotions have over us is shaping our very own existence, it seems natural to infer that all of us must...
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