Psychology and Characteristics

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  • Published : June 4, 2012
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Ladies & Gentlemen. Survey & Report. Some may believe that being “gentleman” or a “lady” in today’s society is an outdated notion, but others may disagree. (1) Briefly summarize the main characteristics of a well-rounded person, “l’u omo universal,” referring to specific sections within the excerpt from The Courtier which identifies these characteristics. (2) Create a “survey” based on the identified characteristics and “ poll” at least ten people to find out whether or not the characteristics are relevant for a “gentleman” or “lady” of today. (3) Tabulate and discuss the responses in terms of gender, age, vocation, etc. of your survey participants, making note of any interesting or surprising results which show up in your poll answers. (4) Finally, explain whether or not you agree with the characteristics expressed by Castiglione in The Courtier.

Being a well-rounded person is one thing that a lot of people aspire to be. According to Webster's dictionary, well-rounded is defined as, "having many sides, all around or comprehensive". Castiglione wrote about being well rounded and some of the characteristics of a well rounded person include, being poised in actions and in dress, someone who is knowledgable about the arts and someone who can be graceful and ready for interactions with others. The Courtier should withhold emotion, choosing instead to be cool and nonchalant. The way that Castiglione wrote about the well rounded person is that this person should set themselves apart from the general person and work to achieve and demonstrate excellence. Finally, the person should be well spoken and should be able to speak with confidence, even on subjects they are not totally familiar with. The ability to speak at a moments notice with grace and flair should be another characteristic. Not only should they be able to speak on a whim, they should be able to display their thoughts and feelings in a way that is pleasing to the audience. I believe that these...
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