Psychology and Care Plan

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1 – Be able to assess the development needs of children or young people and repare a development plan.

1.1 – Explain factors that need to be taken into account when assessing development. * Progress
* Improvement
* Behaviours
* Look at goals within care plan are they on track?
* What activities they are partaking in and how well are they dealing with them. * Whether they are interested, compliant and accepting or not.

1.2 – Assess a child or young person’s development in following areas :- physical, communication, intellectual/ cognitive, social, emotional and behavioural and moral. A) Please see attached sheets of evidence (Daily session record and behaviour tick sheet)

1.3 – Explain the selection of assessment methods used. A) These methods are used to monitor mood, behaviour, what the young person has been doing during that session also the date and time of the session, so we can monitor if something is a regular occurrence on or at a certain time of day (looking for patterns).

1.4 – Develop a plan to meet the needs of a child or young person in the work setting. A) Please see attached care plan

1 – Be able to promote the development of children or young people

2.5 – Implement the development plan for a child or young person according to own Role and responsibilities, taking into account that development is holistic and interconnected. * Monitor the care plan on a daily basis to be aware of any changes and implement if necessary. * If I notice certain areas of the care plan are not working efficiently to meet the needs of the young person and could be improved upon it is my responsibility to report this back to the correct senior member of staff, so they can review and update if necessary. * When working with the young person if I notice any changes/ unusual behaviours to report to senior.

2.6 – Evaluate and revise the development plan in light of implementation. A) In reading the care plan since it was last reviewed I would advise it does need an update in regards of :- * The YP’s getting up in the morning as states that he is not good at getting up, but now is a lot better and tends to get straight up and for a shower with no issues and with little prompting. * The care plan states what the YP likes for breakfast but does not state that he also likes to make it himself. * Again stating the YP is getting better at going out and likes to go out, but doesn’t state specific preferences as he particularly likes to go to the park on the swings. * In the care plan I have noticed it doesn’t make aware that the YP finds his PECS strip useful at times instead of verbal communication and also avoids confusion with the YP * All others areas of the care plan remain unchanged at this time but will continue to review and monitor, so that any changes can be implemented asap to enable improvement and progress for the YP.

2.3- Explain the importance of a person centred and inclusive approach and give examples of how this is implemented in own work. * To meet the INDIVIDUAL needs of the Young person to ensure they are gaining all the positive effects and influences around them and developing at their individual pace. * Individual care plans of which the Young person has input * Following and adhering to the care plans

* Residential meetings – asking the young people if they are happy with surroundings, if not what they would like to change. * Giving the YP’s choices of meals, activities and clothing to show individuality and personality

2.4– Observation

2.5 – Encourage children or young people to actively participate in decisions affecting their lives and the services they receive according to their age and abilities. * Residential meetings
* Asking likes and dislikes
* Giving choices around personal hygiene/ dietary needs
* Giving choice in social...
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