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Zigler and Gardner’s Separate Contribution to Psychology
Jersey Hosier
Northcentral University


This entry wills exam the different approached both Howard Gardner and Edward Zigler had on the field of psychology. The examination will also include the different obstacles and specific kinds of resistance the experienced. The comparison will also contain a select few similarities they experienced while contributing to the field of psychology.

Zigler and Gardner’s Separate Contribution to Psychology
Perhaps one day I too will tell my story on how I came to know the world of psychology, my personal philanthropy, and the discourse I encountered in terms of psychology similar to the psychologist I have recently been introduced to through Foundations for Graduate Study in Psychology, my first graduate level class at Northcentral University. The two psychologists in discussion: Edward Zingler and Howard Gardner. Zigler an American veteran, of the Korean War (Zingler, 2002 pg. 273) explains his relationship to psychology as his years of purposeful studying relates to the national Head Start program founded in 1964 (Zigler, 2002 pg. 276). Zingler specialized in retarded participates in nursery school and their approach to learning, and both positive and personal interaction. (Zingler, 2002 pg. 274) Zigler would agree to share what had been possibly compiled since the 1950’s, when he founded the Austin State School ((Zigler, 2002 pg. 274). Whatever the date, Zigler position in psychology, was memorable enough for him to make the Planning Committee that served as the catalyst to Head Start. During Zigler’s journey in compiling a national pre-education program, he would face tension while attempting to contribute his studies to the overall production of policy that ultimately dictated the very essence of the programs in which his studies would be applied to. With no real control over the programs entities, Zigler would later...
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