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Nature, Nurture or an Interaction?

For the following examples, decide whether the situation is a result of nature, nurture, or an interaction of the two. Explain your reasoning.


Peter, a 2-year-old only child, displays a bad temper by running to his room and slamming the door when he is angry.

Is this nature, nurture, or an interaction?

Justify your answer:
I believe that this situation would be a result of nurture. My reasoning behind it being a situation of nurture, is because I believe that Peter acts this way because of environmental influences. I think that Peter may act this way because of the parenting styles that he may receive from home. Peter is the only child and his parents may not act upon his bad temper, they may lack in disciplining him when he slams his door and showing him how to control his anger. I also think that it is a nurture situation because he may have witnessed someone else acting in this way, at two years old children will repeat the actions that they see.


Amelia receives high marks in math. Amelia’s mother is surprised because she never did well in math.

Is this nature, nurture, or an interaction?

Justify your answer:
I believe that Amelia reciving higher marks in math is a situation that is a result of nurture. At the time of learning math and receiving higher marks, she may have had a positive experiences with her teacher. Her teacher could have been really supportive, motivating and made Amelia feel safe to practice trial and error, which could help her successed in math. Also, at this time she could have been in a class where all the students were curious about learning and being successful in math, that it rubbed off on her too, causing her to find that inter motivation to get the higher marks she did, compared to her last math class.


Chauncey almost drowned in the pool when he was 5-years old....
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