Psychology 201

Pages: 1 (338 words) Published: March 3, 2013
Do human beings need to be taught how to lie? The one trait that all human beings have in common is that we are all sinners. When you observe children in the act of just being children, you will soon realize that they inherently know that it is wrong to take something that is not theirs, hit another child, and tell a lie. You will soon come to this conclusion based on the reactions you will get from children when confronted on any of the above three actions. Not only will their body language speak volumes through their bowed heads and wavering postures, they will vocalize agreement of their wrongdoing and oftentimes even try to justify their actions depending on the age of the child. It is the parent’s responsibility to correct these things immediately. If they go uncorrected, children will start to form the basis for their identities around all of this wrong information. However, if there is no basis for ultimate authority to be used, then everything is always in a constant state of change and there is no true foundation. The reality of this is all around us today. I have used naturalistic observation in drawing my conclusions as just observing I have done nothing to alter any environment in which I was closely watching. Even though one of the drawbacks is lack of control, I did not have to wait for any conditions to be right, because this type of behavior is everywhere. Some people would say that children will just be children and this is how children act, but as they get older they will adapt to modern society standards. This still, ultimately, does not change the fact that we are all sinners, and no amount of works can erase this sin problem from us. There is an answer to all of this, but I will not go into that in this essay. In conclusion, according to the discipline of naturalistic observation, we all exhibit sinful behavior from our ancestors.

Wade Schumacher
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