Topics: Superstition, Pseudoscience, Religious belief Pages: 18 (5032 words) Published: April 18, 2013

Title: The Effects of Pseudo-Science and Superstitious Beliefs in Student’s Life ID 498 Senior Project
Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of Requirements for the Degree of Bachelor of Science Psychology By
Rathena Mahendaraj
SEGi ID: SC-PNG-0000008686

Approved: ________________ Date__________________
Mr. J. Q. Lim, Grade Project Instructor
Approved:________________ Date_________________

Table of Contents

Appendix A

• AcknowledgementPage 3

• Consent FormPage 4-5

AbstractPage 6

Background of InfoPage 7

IntroductionPage 8-9

Literature reviewPage 9-13

MethodologyPage 13-14

ResultPage 15-17

DiscussionPage 18-19

ConclusionPage 20

ReferencesPage 21-23

Appendix B

• Survey Questionnaires Page 1-4

• Figure Page 5-6

• Journals Page 7-17


I would like to take this golden opportunity to thank Mr. Goh Wai Meng, our ADP Co-Coordinator for allowing me and giving me the opportunity to take up Senior Project as a subject. I also like to thank Mr. JQ. Lim, for his kindness and long dedication in helping me in completing the project. Without his guidance and help, I would not be able to complete this subject successfully and comprehensively.

Not forgetting our fellow classmates for in giving us the co-operations by giving me the necessary information which helps me in finishing my compilation on time. Without them, the class also would not be a fun, learning environment.

Through this subject, I able to understand and able to experience the realistic of the research paper and also how to run a research my own. It has given me a broader scope on the research papers or senior projects in psychology major and how to improve the research paper by maximizing the strength and minimizing the weakness found in the subject of interest. With the knowledge at hand, I are thought on how to write, receive, & provide proper research paper for the future.

Finally, I would like to thank my parents, friends, and others who have given me constant support in completing this subject successfully, increase my confidence, and creativity in completing the task through their comments and ideas towards my work.

Again, I sincerely appreciate everyone’s help and support that has been given to me.

Concern Letter Requesting Participation in Survey

Today’s Date:

Dear Participant:

I’m Rathena Mahendaraj, who currently doing my final year in Psychology and Communication Majors under American Degree Program in SEGi College, Penang.

The purpose of this survey is to determine the popularity of Pseudo-Science and Superstitious Beliefs has benefited you as a student. We would like to determine the percentage of students who are benefited directly or indirectly by holding beliefs in Pseudo-Science and Superstitious phenomenon. Your response to this survey is essential in providing the necessary information to understand the beliefs in both paradoxes and its popularity among students.

This survey is anonymous. If you choose to participate, DO NOT writes your name on the questionnaire. No one will be able to identify you, nor will anyone be able to determine which college or course you are in. No one will know whether you participated in this study. Nothing you say on the questionnaire will in any way influence your present or future progress in your study field.

This survey is purely for college research purpose only. Your response and time is greatly appreciated. Thank you!



(Rathena Mahendaraj)

I hereby, would like to participate in this survey voluntarily...
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