Topics: Marriage, Family, Divorce Pages: 2 (358 words) Published: January 29, 2013
Families and Households
Exam Practice 1

A) Explain what is meant by primary socialization. (Item 2A)

Primary socialization is referring to the socialization during the early years of childhood, which usually takes place within the family or guardians of the child. There are two basic processes within primary socialization, internalization of society’s culture and the structuring of the child’s personality. The family molds the societies norms, such as eating with a knife and fork into the child’s personality at a young age.

B) Suggest two ways in which childhood has become a specially protected and privileged time of life (Item 2A)

* One way is the ‘Child Protection Act 1989’ which informs local authorities and courts to protect the welfare of children, and what to do if this welfare comes into harm.

* Another way is the ‘Children’s Education Act 1950’ meaning that children of all classes, were allowed to stay within education until the age of 18.

C) Suggest three reasons for the increase in divorce rates since 1969.

There was a large change in divorce laws in 1969, where a couple was allowed to divorce after 2 years of marriage, or 5 years if only one of them wanted the divorce. Neither partner had to now provide ‘fault’ for the divorce, it could happen just because the marriage had broken down.

Feminism played a large part, as women started become more independent. Women with a paycheck were less likely to stay in a marriage that wasn’t fulfilling them. With an economic power of their own, women were less incentive to stay in a marriage and work it out, as they were less independent on the husband.

The baby boom generation was the ones to marry and divorce during the 1970’s; their attitudes to fidelity, chastity and commitment were less than those of their parents. Where their parents were more likely to stay in a marriage and make it work, the baby boom generation was less committed to the idea of marriage...
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