Psychological View of the Birth Mark

Topics: Love, Marriage, Nathaniel Hawthorne Pages: 2 (668 words) Published: November 28, 2011
Psychological view of The Birth-Mark

The story ‘’The Birth-Mark’’ is a story of love, emotional attachment, desire of perfect-beauty along with sacrifice. “The Birth-mark” is a story authored by Nathaniel Hawthorne about love between Aylmer and Georgiana. Aylmer was a scientist who, in order to make his wife ( Georgiana) perfect by her charming glory, attempts to remove her birthmark from her skin. Going through “The Birth-Mark” you become forced to reconsider human desire for perfection and its appropriateness. The story touches the emotions of readers forcing them to misinterpret the actual meaning of perfect beauty. No one can deny that we, as human beings, want everything around us, perfectly by its embodiment and disposition. Be it our personalities, car, pet, house or the little things, we want them all to be flawless. Aylmer too who, without thinking of his wife herself, attempts to eliminate the birthmark from his beautiful and beloved wife Georgiana and euthanized her involuntarily “ The Birth-Mark’’ revolves only around Alymer and Georgia. Aylmer is obsessed by Georgiana’s beauty and marries without noticing anything he disliked on her body. Aylmer overlooks Georgiana’s birthmark prior to marriage as what makes him ignore the fact that she did have one and it was his love and infatuation, common to affect many men in the world. Aylmer’s ignoring Georgiana’s birthmark entitles him to be called a lustful one. After Aylmer had already been united with Georgiana, he realizes a heart –shaped birthmark on Georgiana’s face, which in the story proves to be a turning point in a relationship between husband and wife .Even though Aylmer loved Georgiana, he fails to ignore her birthmark and seems to be psychologically hurt. The body and attitudes toward one’s own body with thoughts about how others perceive one’s appearance. Physical appearance withholds a very high value in society. Showing signs of imperfection on one’s body can affect the way people behave,...
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