Psychological Underpinnings: a Task at Hand

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  • Published : December 5, 2012
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Psychological Underpinnings: A Task at Hand
The task of teaching students comes with many different approaches and its up to the teachers to choose which way is best. Teachers must choose the lesson plan that allows their student to comprehend the task at hand. There are many theories that are available for teacher when planning a lesson. It is important that teachers evaluate their student ability because children learn and develop at different stages. The fore, your lesson plan should be at the child learning abilities. To ensure that children are getting the best learning experience teachers must choose the best avenue to familiar themselves with theories and discover how they are used. Behaviorism psychology is one theory that is based on the factor that all behaviors are acquired though conditioning. Behaviors can occur with the interactions of the environment. Behavioral theory can be studies in a systematic and observable manner. Classical conditioning and operant conditioning are the two major types of behaviorism. Based on the act of placing a neutral signal before a naturally occurring reflex is refers to as classical conditioning theory. For example if you smell food you want something to eat. On the other hand if you use pleasant and unpleasant consequences to change behavior is often referred to operant conditioning. The principles’ of learning is associated together with behaviors and consequences. Ormrod, (2010) Cognitive theories are another theory teachers need to become familiar with. Cognitive theories attempts to understand human behavior by understand their thought process. Jen Piaget developed this theory in (1896-1980). His theory explored the way children grow and learn from interaction with the environment. His theory focuses on the building block approach. Piaget theory states that a child cognitive abilities move through four distinct stages. As the child move through these stages they learn to master skills gradually. Piaget’s...
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