Psychological Testing in the Workplace

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  • Published : July 24, 2012
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Psychological Testing in the Workplace
PSY 435
May 21st, 2012
Dr. Edward Lopez

Psychological Testing in the Workplace
When having a business it can be very hard to organize the people and position placements to make a company run successfully. There is usually the one individual who is known as the Owner or CEO of a company that makes the decision of whom has the knowledge, skill, ability, and other criteria that make the person right for a position for a company to function well. Sometime the Owner or CEO will have a group of individuals who makes the choices of who to hire for a position in the company and where to place the individual within the company. There also can be a psychological test required for some companies to know where to place future employees. The main components of the psychological test are knowledge, skill, ability, and other personal characteristics (Spector, 2008). Getting the right applicant to apply for the job that meets the requirements is another challenge as well for the organization to do. Depending on the organization can depend on what kind of psychological test would be given to the future employee. Some that will be covered in this paper is knowledge, skills and ability. It can be very beneficial to the company when choosing the right current or future employee. This paper will also go over the validity, reliability, and ethical issues of psychological testing (Spector, 2008). Three psychological testing

“Employees' psychological empowerment is predicted to act as the most important antecedents for workplace learning for 21st century workforce” (Zahrani, 2012). The I/O psychologists have created the psychological test in order for employees to build a successful organization. When hiring the right employee the employer must start with the individual’s history. “The study found that psychological empowerment was positively related to workplace learning” (Zahrani, 2012). The first test type is the...
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