Psychological Testing

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Psychological testing - is a field characterized by the use of samples of behavior in order to assess psychological construct(s), such as cognitive and emotional functioning, about a given individual. The technical term for the science behind psychological testing is psychometrics. By samples of behavior, one means observations of an individual performing tasks that have usually been prescribed beforehand, which often means scores on a test. These responses are often compiled into statistical tables that allow the evaluator to compare the behavior of the individual being tested to the responses of a norm group.

12 Angry Men
Manuel Paniagua Correa
12 Angry Men

The communication process depicted on the movie was certainly effective. The 12 jurors’ decision involved the life of a young man. Even when the communication barriers sometimes froze the process of communication, the persistence of one of the jurors, juror 8, was key in keeping the men involved in the decision process. Juror 8 was unlike the other jurors, he had the ability to keep the men engaged in the discussion that lead to the conclusion of the movie. Even though it was not easy, the main objective of providing a fair and unanimous decision was accomplished at the end of the film.

During the jury decision process, communication barriers were present. All of the members that were involved in the jury had different backgrounds and culture. Many of the juries expressed anger, frustration and stubbornness regarding their respective positions. These jurors frequently interrupted one another and proved to be very disrespectful within the group.   Communication barriers where present when they did not pay attention to each other.   These barriers were evident when the jurors were centered only on their personal opinions and not willing to listen to their peers.

Formal communication started when juror number 8 stated his disagreement and concern for the boy’s future. When juror #8 started...
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